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A Pastor Was Shown Both Heaven And Hell

During a tragic Near Death Experience, A conservative Presbyterian Pastor named Yong Park was taken to Heaven and Hell. He was shown why some saints are richly rewarded in Heaven, while others have no reward; why some saints have magnificent Mansions in Heavens, while others live in small Community homes. He was shown why, after serving the Lord his whole life, his house was still small and unfinished. He also witnessed how gruesome Hell was, and why so many Christians wound up there; and what sins we must repent of. Pastor Park's testimony is a wake up call to the Church, it will encourage those who are serving Jesus faithfully, it will strengthen your resolve for Jesus, and will bring the Fear of God to those who are not living Holy.

In 1987, Reverend Park had died from high blood pressure. But by the grace of God, his life was extended for another 20 years. However, for the first four years, he was not able to speak due to his condition. He was about 50 years old when he had come back to life. During his death, the Lord showed him Heaven and Hell. (Read More....)

Eyewitness Testimony From A Satanist That Died And Went To Hell

The following eyewitness testimony from a Satanist that died and went to hell was originally shared on Steve Quayle's website....

Hey Steve its Jason again. I finally got to listen to your show with the Hagmanns from last thursday and wanted to tell you that you did a great job. You really touched on some stuff that people need to hear especialy about the enemy and hell. I'd like to share something that happened to me with you if you dont mind. As you know I was a satanist most of my life. I was very dark, evil and powerfull but I was also willingly possessed. I believe that God allowed me to walk that path for a reason. Any way in may 2005 I was in a bad car crash with a friend. We went off an embankment and the car rolled three times and I was thrown 45 feet from it. I suffered a lot of head trauma and was legally dead for 2 minutes on the helicopter ride to the hospital and was comatose for a week after that. And I spent that time in hell. As soon as I flat lined my demon grabbed me and took me to hell. The next thing I knew I was on a floor naked and terrified. All I could hear were screams of people in pain and anguish. It was dark the (Read More....)

Visions Of Hell Accounts

I ran across a great video which featured quotes about hell from several outstanding books; many which I have read, and many which were new to me.  With hundreds of accounts of heaven and hell, a person can find proof that an afterlife exists.  Here are some of the books this video quotes from persons that have actually been to hell and have come back....

The Lazarus Phenomenon is a film that deals with man's search for life after death. It is a riveting true-life drama that plays itself out in various locations including the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. A young New Zealand surfer on an 'endless summer vacation' dies after being stung by one of the deadliest creatures in the ocean, yet lives to tell his tale. Daniel Ekechukwu, a pastor from Nigeria who was certified dead and lay in state, returned from the dead to tell his tale. These two stories will both shock you and intrigue you. Are you ready for what lies ahead? What happens when you die?

B. W. Melvin-A Land Unknown: Hell's Dominion- A Land Unknown is an astonishing true story of one man's incredible journey to Hell and back, truly, a must read for those curious about the near-death experience written from the Christian (Read More....)

Tamara Laroux Committed Suicide By Shooting Herself In The Chest And Saw That Life After Death Is Very Real

Have you ever heard the extraordinary testimony of Tamara Laroux?  When she was a young woman she got to the point where she felt like life was not worth living anymore.  She was in an extreme amount of emotional pain and she decided that she was going to commit suicide.  On that fateful day, she initially pointed the gun at her head, but a voice told her to point it at her heart instead.  She was given a vision of what she would look like in the future if she shot herself in the head, and it scared her.  So she decided that she would kill herself by shooting herself in the heart instead.  So that is what she did.  She committed suicide by shooting herself in the chest.  But that was not the end for Tamara Laroux.  In fact, Tamara Laroux discovered that life after death is very, very real.

Very shortly after committing suicide, Tamara Laroux found herself in hell.  It was horrifying beyond description.  The burning and the pain were unbearable.  But fortunately she did not stay there.  Just before shooting herself, Tamara said the following words: "God please forgive me!"  Perhaps that one act is what saved her.  A great hand lifted her out of hell (Read More....)

Vision Of Hell

Many of those that write about near death experiences totally ignore the multitude of testimonies that exist of people that have gone to hell and have come back.  Many "NDE researchers" are convinced that hell simply does not exist, so they dismiss any testimony that they encounter that is not a "positive" one.  But the truth is that it only takes a small amount of research to find vision of hell after vision of hell.  One such example is posted below.  What is amazing is that so many of the "hell experiences" all over the world are so similar.  Sadly, so many people today want to believe that there is a "heaven" but many of those same people refuse to believe that a place such as hell could possibly exist.  Well, if you are going to believe what Jesus had to say, then you have got to believe that hell exists.  In the Scriptures, Jesus talked about hell over and over and over.

The truth is that Jesus did not mince words when it came to hell.  In Matthew 23:33, Jesus warned the religious leaders of His day that they were in danger of being sent to hell.....

"You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?"

For much more on the topic of hell, we encourage you to check out an article that we (Read More....)

Former Kundalini Yoga Teacher Turns to Christianity

Former Kundalini Yoga teacher, Mike Shreve provides a unique insight into the essential question  - Do all religions lead to God?  Shreve taught a pantheistic God though yoga and meditation at four Florida universities, but his life changed after he had discovered information that lead him to apologize to over 400 students and walk away from his job the day after his discovery.  His journey started when a friend of his wrote him and told of a supernatural experience after walking into a church.  His friend proclaimed that he heard an audible voice saying that  "Jesus is the only way" and that if he wanted to experience eternal life and union with the "true" God, that he had to go through the cross and had to be born again.   Shreve rejected the idea, but found his friends letter weighing in his thoughts that one day he came to the realization that possibly he had over looked Christianity.  He decided to devote one day to study Christianity to get down to the truth of the religion.  He started off with a prayer in Jesus's name, and devoted  He spent 12 hours of praying and reading the bible.  Little did he know that several weeks, or months before this day, a prayer group in the (Read More....)

Heaven Is For Real: The Story Of How 4-Year-Old Colton Burpo Died And Met Jesus

The story of what Colton Burpo experienced when he was 4 years old is taking America by storm.  During emergency surgery, Colton Burpo died, and what he saw after that is causing a lot of people to reconsider what they believe about life after death.  Initially after Colton left his body, he was able to see what his mother and father were doing.  When he told them these details later they were amazed because he was in surgery at the time and they were not with him.  After that, Colton was transported to heaven.  In heaven, Colton met his great-grandfather, who had died long before Colton was born.  After Colton came back he was able to recognize pictures of his great-grandfather from a photo album.

But Colton did not just catch up with family members that had passed on.  The truth is that Colton says that he actually saw God the Father.  In addition, Colton says that he met Jesus and in the video below Colton describes what Jesus looks like.  Also, Colton also claims that he met John the Baptist.

One thing that really validated this experience for his family was when Colton told his mother that she had miscarried a little girl at one point.  His mother had never told Colton about (Read More....)

Life After Death: Ian McCormack Shares His Near Death Experience During Which He Saw Both Heaven And Hell

In the video posted below, Ian McCormack shares the details of his extraordinary near death experience during which he saw both heaven and hell.  McCormack was night diving off the island of Mauritius when he was stung multiple times by box jellyfish, which are some of the most venomous creatures in the world.  It was amazing that he was able to survive for as long as he did.  At the time, McCormack was a devout atheist.  He desperately clung to life as he attempted to make his way to a hospital.  On his way to the hospital, McCormack cried out to God in prayer.  Upon arriving at the hospital, he was declared clinically dead soon afterwards.  After he was declared dead, McCormack left his body and had an experience that would change his life forever.  He discovered that there really is life after death.

McCormack was shown the place he would have gone if he had not cried out for God (hell) and he had a radical encounter with God which shook him to the core of his being.  McCormack learned that his Christian mother had been right all along.  He found out that God (Read More....)