Back In 1905- Seneca Sodi Experiences Heaven

God gave Seneca Sodi the glorious experience of spending forty days in Heaven in 1905. As he relates his experiences to Elwood Scott, you will feel as though you are right with him, visiting the Celestial Kingdom, escorted by King David. You will wonder at the glory & immensity of what God has […]

George Ritchie's Near Death Experience

At the age of twenty, George Ritchie died in an Army hospital of pneumonia. Nine minutes later, he returned to life. What happened to him during those minutes was so compelling that it changed his life forever.

‘In Return from Tomorrow, Ritchie tells of his transforming encounter with the Son of God, who led […]

Dead 12 Hours Fatuma Shubisa Sees Heaven


Fatuma grew up Muslim but had converted to Christianity. She says after she died, she felt herself being drawn to heaven. She goes on to describe the glories of heaven along with the people she saw.

Fatuma Shubisa works hard to provide for her and her husband’s nine children. She lives in the little […]

Melvin Morse- Children With Near Death Experiences

Melvin Morse talks about the children who experience near death experiences with Larry King- Children can accurately describe equipment in the hospital, while being dead.  Youtube

Melvin Morse talks with Oprah, about near death experiences with children. He says they all seem to see […]