13-Part Video Series On Life After Life by Peter Shockey

Life After Life is a film written, produced and directed by Peter Shockey of Nashville, and is based on the best-selling book by Dr. Raymond Moody. The film covers the transformation of peoples lives who have experienced near death experiences.

“Miracles, Angels and Afterlife”- by Peter Shockey- Amazon

Miracles, Angels & Afterlife 4 Disc Set (2000)- A powerful 13-part video series from Peter Shockey. Each episode features personal accounts of seemingly miraculous occurrences, angelic encounters and near-death experiences. Filled with fascinating details and discerning commentaries from authors, researchers and specialists who offer profound insights into these controversial subjects. Amazon

Reflections of Heaven: A Millenial Odyssey of Miracles, Angels And Afterlife by Peter Shockey buy it on Amazon

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