15 Year Old Girl Goes to Hell

A 15 year old girl who was raised in a Christian home, but later turned away from God only to find herself overdosing on drugs, dying, and being sent to Hell.

Jennifer Perez was given a second chance to go back and warn people that Hell is real, and to find eternal life in Jesus Christ

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  • Andrea Garcia

    This testimony has been a good wake up call for me

  • Lynne

    Give me a break. (rolling eyes…..)

  • Pastor Dorrina Scott

    Dear Jennifer,
    How are you? It’s a shwme your testimony is not being published so that other teens can see and realize that God is real. I want you to know that i am so proud of you for making a complete change in your life. I really wish that you could come to my church to give your testimony. where are you located? my church is in Homestead, florida. again my name is Pastor Dorrina Scott and the name of my church is House Of Miracles Ministry. Continue to put God first. know that you are in our prayers.

  • steven sandfer

    You know why it was removed don’t u. Satan who is the ruler of this world doesn’t want anyone to believe in God, and this would certainly help. This is Satn’s doing, I guarantee it.