African Preacher Sees Hell Because Of Unforgiveness

The first testimonial is of the African preacher who died in a car accident. He was pronounced dead (he still possess his Death Certificate) and sent to a mortuary, where is body laid for three days.

Strangely, the preacher’s wife “knew” that he would come back to her, and asked that his body be moved from the mortuary and taken to the preacher’s church. We next see his parishioners surrounding the body all in deep prayer. Awakened with an expression of shock and confusion. The man had indeed returned from the dead.

In the documentary, the preacher admits to seeing two angels while he was dead who took him to a land of extraordinary color a limitless space. Both walk over a hill and the preacher sees a vast crowd of people who seem to resemble the angel. At first he believes these beings to be angels, but he’s told they are saints, singing the praises of the Lord.

The angel then takes him to the Gates of Hell. It is here that the preacher witness’s the suffering of those souls who refused to follow the word of God and have been sentenced to an eternity of suffering.

The angel tells him that his destiny is hell because in his heart he has failed to forgive his wife. In fact, in order to be forgiven we must forgive the transgressions of others,ourselves. He pleads for another chance and is returned to the physical sphere to genuinely forgive his wife and his enemies.

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