After Life Hell Accounts

Here is another account of a woman and a man’s testimony of going to hell. They describe the lake of fire, and the intensive horrific smells of hell. We don’t know which documentary or series this video is from, but you can see after listing to the video that the visions corresponds to many of Bill Wiese’s experiences of Hell.

The gentleman in this series claims that the screams of the people in hell were unbearable, but the “most horrible thing about hell was the emotional pain“.

Bill Wiese’s testimony details the horrors of the physical pain when he found himself in a prison cell with his head being bashed in over and over, but also describes the worst thing about hell is the acknowledgement that you are separated for eternity.

Many testimonies of hell claim that a person has a heightened sense of measurements, distances, memory and time.It is almost as though the brain, and the senses in general are heightened.

The last testimony of the woman who tells us that we need to suffer to experience joy is completely wrong.  She was not saved, so she experienced hell. 

ALMOST every religion except Christianity tells us that you have to experience a bit of hell to get to heaven, and this is in complete error. 

If you find yourself in HELL, there is NO WAY out!! 

These near death experiences are just another piece of evidence that YESHUA Jesus is the only way.   Please consider the vast evidence for Christianity.    NO other religion or faith has a savior that has died for you and has taken the hell for you.  Please give your life to him, before it is too late.

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