An Ethiopian Woman Dies For 12 Hours, Visits Heaven, And Is Raised From The Dead In The Name Of Jesus

The God of the Bible does extraordinary miracles all over the globe.  In the video that you will see above, an Ethiopian woman will describe how she died for 12 hours, visited heaven, and was raised from the dead in the name of Jesus.  The video also contains the testimonies of her friends and family members who witnessed this extraordinary event.

The Ethiopian woman in the video was raised as a Muslim, but she had become a Christian before this near death experience.  Atheists and skeptics often have a hard time dealing with the fact that Christians all over the world seem to have such similar near death experiences.  We should be thankful to God that we have such a diverse array of testimonies from people all over the globe who have actually been to heaven and are telling us that it is very, very real.

We hope that you will watch this video with an open mind and an open heart.  Could all of the people who have had near death experiences on this website be lying?  Are they all imagining things?  What other explanation is there for the fact that Christians all over the world are having such similar near death experiences?

Keep those questions in mind as you watch this extraordinary video.  After watching it, please feel free to post a comment letting us know what you think…..

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