Atheist Dr. George Rodonaia's NDE

Dr.  George Rodonaia was a psychiatrist and a neuropathologist, who never believed God existed.  He didn’t believe in the Bible, never thought about God, nor the Bible or divinity.

In 1976, he was 20 years old, and already working as a  doctor in Georgia, Russia. He earned a Ph.D and an M.D, but had trouble with KGB.

He couldn’t escape out of Russia, because he was an important scientist and KGB knew it.  He worked on science that had to do with a neuron transmitter in our brain, and discovered many things in science that were important to the Mafia.

In one attempt, he was purposely run down by a KGB agent, who drove on the sidewalk in order to run him over.

This is how he died and where his story begins”

“I was standing on the sidewalk, ready to depart to NY, waiting for cab, when a car on the sidewalk hit me.  I flew in the air 10 meters, and then the car ran over me.  My friends and relative took me to the hospital.  The hospital staff, friends of mine and 2 other professors declared me dead.  On Friday night, they put me in the morgue, in the freezer”

“Three days later, they took me out.  So on Monday morning they began my autopsy.  These 3 days of being out of my body, seeing everything that was happening around, seeing myself, my body, seeing my birth, my parents, my wife, my child, and my friends.  I saw their thoughts.  I saw what they were thinking, how their thoughts move from one dimension to another”

“It was incredible experience.  I was in darkness, total darkness.  The darkness was pressing.  This darkness existed not beyond, but it existed within.  What I want say is that the darkness was pressing.  And I was in the middle of this fear and I did not understand why and how this darkness existed.  Where was I?”

“I understood that I didn’t have a body because I didn’t feel it.  Then I saw a light.  I went through a little hole into that light.  But the light was so powerful, so burning.  You cannot compare it to anything.  No words can explain it.  The light was so burning, going through flesh.  I didn’t have a body.  That was the most interesting part”

“And I was scared of the light, I wanted to go into the shade to save myself from this light.  What is that light?  I don’t know.  It can be called the light of God, it can be called the light of Life.  But light is light and darkness is darkness.  As a psychiatrist and scientist, I did not think about that.  The only thing was that I was in light”

“We were not raised in God’s way.  You know about the Soviet Union, we didn’t go to church.  There were people who went.  But they were some kind of limited people.  We thought they didn’t know any better that there was no God.  But those 3 days of being in the morgue, the freezer, changed all my life”

“They begin the autopsy, and started to cut open my chest.  That was the first incision, then I opened my eyes, and they saw that my pupils were convulsing, getting smaller.  When they saw that my eyes were reacting to light they knew I was alive.  They put me back to the hospital and began resuscitation”

“My lungs were collapsed for a long time so I was put on a respirator for 90 days.  My recover did not happened fast, but the life did came back.  They discovered was that the life was there during the autopsy, but not all my organs were working.  It was hard work for nine month being in recovery, it didn’t happen immediately, but the life was there.  But the doctors had to help me survive and help me to regenerate my health and organs”

“When I came back to life, a lot of different experiences had happened.  I experienced a lot of rejection, a lot of fighting with others.  But nothing could change my mind, I knew my destination, I knew my way.  I decided to leave the country, and this lady from Longview Texas helped me move to the United States.  We went to Texas and continue to live there today”

“Sometimes things are beyond our grasps.  But I don’t try to explain it all because I know and I believe that God knows better.  I believe that I don’t need to explain everything.  But why it was shown to me and why was I chosen?   It was a question that I honestly didn’t care about.  I care that I deeply believe in a God of love and God is love.  And I believe God created everything for betterness and for an incredible future if we don’t ruin it”

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