Atheist Elizabeth Daniele's Near Death Testimony

Proof of God a near-death experience and spiritual life

Proof of God: (a near-death experience and spiritual life)

Atheist Elizabeth could have never imagined her life being turned upside down in a matter of hours from a near-death experience.

God went from being a myth, to a fact.

Elizabeth Daniele answers the how’s and why’s of life, including the key to the return of Christ, backed even by the Gospels.

At one point she refused God’s request to write down what she saw, only to have the crown of thorns appear on her wall in broad day light.

It would reduce her to tears when a clear thought came to mind, that he was reminding her of his sacrifice, and wanted Elizabeth to finish the book and not to delay.

It includes her beliefs today concerning the Bible and the return of Jesus Christ.  This book is for anyone confused or searching for answers concerning life after death, God, Jesus, Heaven, hell, the two Marys, and the meaning of life. View a Good portion of the book here

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