Back In 1905- Seneca Sodi Experiences Heaven

God gave Seneca Sodi the glorious experience of spending forty days in Heaven in 1905. As he relates his experiences to Elwood Scott, you will feel as though you are right with him, visiting the Celestial Kingdom, escorted by King David. You will wonder at the glory & immensity of what God has prepared for us. Your heart will be stirred at the description of the Holy Convocation around the Throne, as Jesus speaks an end-time message of preparation for His coming.

40 Days in Heaven: The True Testimony of Seneca Sodi’s Visitation to Paradise, the Holy City and the Glory of God’s Throne- Buy it on Amazon

The amazing and inspiring true testimony of Seneca Sodi’s actual visitation to heavenĀ  and visiting God’s Throne for a praise service attended by millions of saints and angels.

The most memorable events in this testimony undoubtedly begin with the family reunions Seneca has with close relatives, such as his grandfather, mother, wife and daughter who died while still an infant.

There is also the lasting impression of utter peace and security, the heavenly atmosphere free from strife, sickness, fear and death, united into one large extended family shared by death bed conversions, innocent children from every nation who died of war, sickness or other tragedy, and saints of renown.

For some the highlight may be Seneca’s chance to discuss theology with Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Paul and many others–

It’s been 100 years since this testimony first came to light, and far from proving to be an isolated story, such heavenly experiences are becoming more and more common.


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