Baptize by Blazing Fire by Pastor Yong-Doo Kim

During 30 days of continual midnight prayer at a small Korean Church, the congregation experienced a unbelievable revival where they experienced healing, visions, intense spiritual warfare, and transforming encounters with Jesus .

During their prayers all night long, the congregation experienced their spiritual eyes opened, they could actually see the demonic battles taking place during their prayer time.

They were shown how devils/demons try to distract us, scare us, and deceive us while we are praying.

Every demonic trick in the book was used against them to stop them from praying .

They encountered and fought against numerous dragons, demon kings, false angels, false christs, demons seeking sympathy, vampires, demons promoting suicide, evil spirits disguised as beautiful women, etc.

They were also taken to Heaven and hell many times by Jesus. It was revealed that mid-night intercession, (along with the gift of speaking in tongues), was the most intense, difficult & fruitful time to pray.

This book helps you to envision the spiritual realm as it is a very real world. Baptize by Blazing Fire is a must read for every Christian who wants to make a great impact for Gods Kingdom!

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Baptize by Blazing Fire

  • This is a really good book that I would recommend any Christian who is serious about their walk with God order. I am so humbled by the persistence of these Korean Christians in prayer. I loved the way that the Lord revealed Himself to them. 5 stars! – By  S. Mccullum “daughter of God” (Illinois)
  • After reading this amazing book Baptize by Blazing Fire By pastor Kim Yong Doo, it fueled the fire in my heart to reach the lost and disobedient Christians. My heart aches because of those who are Spirtiually blind and are not living for the Lord because of their choices they make and they don’t realize the severity of Hell and what Jesus saved us from. Heaven is such a wonderful place and you don’t want to miss it!!! Jesus is calling you will you come to Him, He loves you beyond compare!!! I highly recommend this anointed book and Heaven is so Real by Sister Choo Thomas. – By  Buddy Baker
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