Curtis Kelley Sees Both Heaven And Hell

Former professional boxer, Curtis Kelley shares a powerful testimony of seeing both Heaven and Hell.

His mother was a Christian woman while his father trained him from an early age in  voodoo and sorcery.   After dying from a drug overdose as a teenager and entering hell, then years later, after dying of a brain aneurysm and entering Heaven, he gives a unique perspective on spiritual warfare from an occult perspective, and then also having the advantage of seeing God face to face and becoming a minister of God.

Kelley gives incredible in depth details of his experiences in both heaven and hell.In his powerful book, “bound to Lose, Destined to Win” former heavyweight boxer Earthquake Kelley shares an extraordinary story of his experiences as a child, and the testimony of his salvation and deliverance from a life steeped in drugs and the occult.

Kelley shares information such as:

How to protect your children from evil spirits and why you must do so

What to do if your children are fearful at night or think there is something in their room

Why you must be cautious of the things you bring into your home

How illusionists perform their magic

Why you should never have sexual relations with someone to whom you are not married

What you must do as a Believer to live in victory and keep the enemy under your feet.

Kelley addresses and answers questions such as:

Can demonic spirits remain in a home after the residents have moved out?

What should you do when you move into a new home, or if the home that you live in is haunted?

What kinds of problems can demonic spirits cause in your life?

How can you gain victory over those problems?

What causes division among friends, family, business partners, and people in the church?

Why must you be careful about the words you speak?

Why is it imperative that you deal with bitterness and unforgiveness.

 Bound to Lose Destined to Win

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