Brain Dead for 27 Days & Raised From the Dead~ Richard L. Madisons Testimony

One of the very best testimonies of God existing is that of Richard L. Madison’s story.

Not only has HE been raised from the dead in Jesus’s name, but his grandmother was raised from the dead! 

His particular near death experience was a result of a head on vehicle crash that left him brain dead for 27 days. 

Doctors gave up on him, and tried to convince his mother and family to make funeral arrangements.  His mothers determination of standing strong in prayer that God would deliver him from death made a dramatic difference.

He experienced an out of body experience where he was able to see the church room where his family were praying.  While seeing his family pray for him, he spoke out in Jesus’s name to give him a second chance.  He sat straight up in bed, and experienced one miracle after the next.   X rays taken prior to his recovery proved that his neck was broken in three different places, only to be supernaturally fixed as later X Rays would confirm.

Doctors waited 25 days to repair the broken bones which were a cause of his accident, and in the process of repairing his legs doctors accidently severed the nerve in his leg.

Additionally, they had to remove three bones out of his right foot, and had to add three steel plates, 19 screws and 2 pins.

He was diagnosed never to walk again in his life.   8 Weeks later, being a baby believer in Christ, he starts praying to Jesus, asking him to walk and he hears an audible voice telling him to get up and walk.  He got up and ran across the room.

The experience gave him an even stronger belief that God could do anything including allowing him to walk.  His account doesn’t end there, as Richard L. Madison demonstrates the power of prayer in impossible circumstances seeing miracle after miracle.   He has prayed for 14 people who were in comas in which 6 of the people were brain dead, and all of them came back.  He has also been given the gift of prophecy where he has seen many end times events.

Richard L. Madison went on to write a book detailing how to have faith and recieve the annoiting he had experienced.  Every time YHWH healed Richard, God taught him specific lessons, which were written in his book.  The lessons his book covers are:

Learning how to receive

Learning how to expect miracles,

Learning how to see others healed.

Learning how to receive healing from others

How to speak the word

How to stand on faith,

And, How to proclaim what you are believing God for.


Healing from God

Raised from the Dead

Raised From The Dead (Spanish Version) (Spanish Edition)

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  • Lashonda Johnson

    Just found out my neighbor’s sister is has a heart attack last night 6/17/2010 and is now brain dead. I would like for you to keep her family in prayer. I believe that God is able to heal what we think is in possible. Please prayer for her Latesha Stone.