Stanley Wilson's NDE

I was one of those guys that refused to go to the doctor, even though my health was not in good condition.

I was so tired at times I would lay on the floor, right then and there, to rest.

I was also having a special kind of seizers and did […]

13-Part Video Series On Life After Life by Peter Shockey

Life After Life is a film written, produced and directed by Peter Shockey of Nashville, and is based on the best-selling book by Dr. Raymond Moody. The film covers the transformation of peoples lives who have experienced near death experiences.

“Miracles, Angels and Afterlife”- by Peter Shockey- Amazon

Miracles, Angels & Afterlife 4 Disc Set […]

Back In 1905- Seneca Sodi Experiences Heaven

God gave Seneca Sodi the glorious experience of spending forty days in Heaven in 1905. As he relates his experiences to Elwood Scott, you will feel as though you are right with him, visiting the Celestial Kingdom, escorted by King David. You will wonder at the glory & immensity of what God has […]

George Ritchie's Near Death Experience

At the age of twenty, George Ritchie died in an Army hospital of pneumonia. Nine minutes later, he returned to life. What happened to him during those minutes was so compelling that it changed his life forever.

‘In Return from Tomorrow, Ritchie tells of his transforming encounter with the Son of God, who led […]

What Happens To The Aborted Babies In Heaven? A Little Girl's NDE Experience Of Heaven

Victoria, a 4 1/2 year old child fell off of a pool slide. As she fell, an angel lifted her into the air and gently set her on the ground. However, during this moment in eternity, she was taken to the throne room of God. She was sent back and tells about her […]