BJ McKelvie's NDE In Hell After He Commits Suicide

Today BJ is known for his dynamic soul-winning worship.  BJ McKelvie is the founder of Amaia Ministries.

His faith journey actually began a few years before.  Although he was a talented sound engineer with a bright future ahead of him, BJ was plagued with depression. Things go so bad that BJ decided to commit […]

Veronika's Startling Hell Testimony Where She Sees Other Christians

When I was 22 years old, I was struck by lighting while I was driving my car. For about 15 minutes I was transported into hell. During this time an Angel of the Lord was driving my car!

Back to the incident, where I was hit by lighting. Through this experience I became aware of the […]

Marine Veteran Claims To Have A Near Death Experience During Which He Went To Hell

Is hell real?  Marine veteran Shawn Weed is absolutely convinced.  For approximately 8 minutes his body was clinically dead, and what he experience during that time is incredibly sobering.  So was his near death experience real?  I encourage you to watch the video below and decide for yourself…

The incredible testimony by Shawn Weed […]

Unforgiving, Double-Minded Christians in Hell? Carmelo Brenes's Powerful Tour Of Hell

In the year of 1982, I had an accident which had a mortal ending. At that moment my life was taken. In the same moment that all my existence ended, I felt everything become dark, and I began to walk through a dark tunnel.

I saw a being that was taking me and began […]

Atheist Dr. George Rodonaia's NDE

Dr.  George Rodonaia was a psychiatrist and a neuropathologist, who never believed God existed.  He didn’t believe in the Bible, never thought about God, nor the Bible or divinity.

In 1976, he was 20 years old, and already working as a  doctor in Georgia, Russia. He earned a Ph.D and […]