Clinically Dead For 28 Minutes; Betty Malz Experiences Heaven

Betty Malz found herself in heaven after being pronounced clinically dead.

She was dead for a total of 28 minutes, and the medical personnel went as far as pulling a sheet was pulled over her head.

Her book is her story of heaven and what she experienced, but also she details how God dealt with her pride, control and materialistic side which transformed her into a new woman with a different outlook on life.


Prayers that are answered

Angels Watching over Me

Touching the Unseen World


“Can this be death?” I wondered.  If so, I certainly had nothing to fear.  There was no darkness, no uncertainty, only a change in location and a total sense of well-being.

All around me was a magnificent deep blue sky, unobscured by clouds.  Looking about, I realized that there was no road or path.  Yet I seemed to know where to go.

Then I realized I was not walking alone.  To the left, and a little behind me, strode a tall, masculine-looking figure in a robe.  I wondered if he were an angel and tried to see if he had wings.  But he was facing me and I could not see his back.  I sensed, however, that he could go anywhere he wanted and very quickly.

We did not speak to each other.  Somehow it didn’t seem necessary, for we were both going in the same direction.  Then I became aware that he was not a stranger.  He knew me and I felt a strange kinship with him.  Where had we met?  Had we always known each other?  It seemed we had.  Where were we now going?

As we walked together I saw no sun – but light was everywhere.  Off to the left there were multicolored flowers blooming.  Also trees, shrubs.  On the right was a low stone wall.

My emotion was a combination of feelings: youth, serenity, fulfillment, health, awareness, tranquility.  I felt I had everything I ever wanted to have.  I was everything I had ever intended to be.  I was arriving at where I had always dreamed of being.

The wall to my right was higher now and made of many-colored, multi-tiered stones.  A light from the other side of the wall shone through a long row of amber-colored gems several feet above my head. “Topaz,” I thought to myself.

Just as we crested the top of the hill, I heard my father’s voice calling, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”  His voice was a long distance away.  I thought about turning back to find him.  I did not because I knew my destination was ahead.  We walked along in silence save for the whisper of a gentle breeze ruffling the white, sheer garments of the angel.

We came upon a magnificent, silver structure.  It was like a palace except there were no towers.  As we walked toward it, I head voices.  They were melodious, harmonious, blending in chorus and I heard the word, “Jesus.”  There were more than four parts to their harmony.  I not only heard the singing and felt the singing but I joined the singing.  I have always had a girl’s body, but a low boy’s voice.  Suddenly I realized I was singing the way I had always wanted to … in high, clear and sweet tones.

After a while the music softened, then the unseen voices picked up a new chorus.  The voices not only burst forth in more than four parts, but they were in different languages.  I was awed by the richness and perfect blending of the words – and I could understand them!  I do not know why this was possible except that I was part of a universal experience.

While the angel and I walked together I sensed we could go wherever we willed ourselves to go and be there instantly.  Communication between us was through the projection of thoughts.  The words sung in all the different languages were understandable, but I don’t know how or why.  We all seemed to be on some universal wave length.

I thought at the time, “I will never forget the melody and these words.”  But later I could only recall two: “Jesus” and “redeemed.”

The angel stepped forward and put the palm of his hand upon a gate which I had not noticed before.  About twelve feet high, the gate was a solid sheet of pearl, with no handles and some lovely scroll work at the top of its Gothic structure.  The pearl was translucent so that I could almost, but not quite, see inside.  The atmosphere inside was somehow filtered through.  My feeling was of ecstatic joy and anticipation at the thought of going inside.

When the angel stepped forward, pressing his palm on the gate, an opening appeared in the center of the pearl panel and slowly widened and deepened as though the translucent material was dissolving.  Inside I saw what appeared to be a street of golden color with an overlay of glass or water.  The yellow light that appeared was dazzling.  There is no way to describe it.  I saw no figure, yet I was conscious of a Person.  Suddenly I knew that the light was Jesus, the Person was Jesus.

I did not have to move.  The light was all about me.  There seemed to be some heat in it as if I were standing in sunlight; my body began to glow.  Every part of me was absorbing the light.  I felt bathed by the rays of a powerful, penetrating, loving energy.

The angel looked at me and communicated the thought: “Would you like to go in and join them?”

I longed with all my being to go inside, yet I hesitated.  Did I have a choice?  Then I remembered my father’s voice.  Perhaps I should go and find him.

“I would like to stay and sing a little longer, then go back down the hill!” I finally answered.  I started to say something more.  But it was too late.

The gates slowly melted into one sheet of pearl again and we began walking back down the same beautiful hill.  This time the jeweled wall was on my left and the angel walked on my right.

Then I saw the sun coming up over the wall.  This surprised me since it was already very light and there seemed to be no passing of time.  It was a lovely sunrise.  The topaz and other stones glowed brilliantly.  I remember noticing that the wall now made a deep shadow on my side.

Walking down the hill I looked into Terre Haute as the worlds of spirit and time and space began to fuse back together.  Ahead of me were many church steeples glistening in the morning sun.  I was suddenly aware of God’s love for all His churches.  It was a sudden bit of knowledge, as if I were being told this on the inside by the Holy Spirit.  At that moment I loved all His churches too; and as my prejudices dissolved, I loved all His people.

Then I saw the tops of trees, then the hospital.  My eyes seemed to bore through the walls of the hospital like laser beams, down the hall of the third floor to Room 336.  I saw a figure on the bed with a sheet pulled over it.

After my descent I slowed down and stopped.  The sun’s rays were in my eyes.  There were dust particles in the light which suddenly changed to wavy letters about two inces high flashing before me like a ticker-tape message.  The letters seemed composed of translucent ivory, only fluid – moving through the rays of the sun.

I was back in my hospital bed now and the letters stretched all the way from the window, past my bed and on into the room.  They read:  I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.

The words were so alive that they pulsated.  I knew that I had to touch those living words.  I reached up and out and pushed the sheet off my face.  At that instant the Word of God literally became life to me.

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  • http://lifeafterdeathandhell lisa

    My dad passed away on August 16th of this past weekend. He was a Catholic Deacon. He was 80 and loved Jesus with all of his being. Thank you for your comforting re-telling of what you were shown. It gives comfort that Dad is with his family and loved ones, angels, and saints and his beloved Jesus. God bless you. Lisa

  • Brenda Rogers

    Hello Betty. I would not be surprised if you do not remember me, but I met you in Minneapolis at the Lunstroms when they were meeting in a school on Easter Sunday. Oh it has to be at least ten years or more ago. I got to sit next to you that morning you were the speaker. I live in ND. and you told me, you used to also and spoke around here years ago. I just moved to Mott and am the Chairperson of the Mott Assembly Of God and wondered if you speak anymore and would you like to come here? Our pastor just resigned about a month ago and I am filling in the pulpit till we find a new Pastor.

  • Damary Cordero

    Hello. I have a 3-yearld son who went on a seizure on November 2010 for 3 hours and a fever of 40C that took 3 hours to subside. God healed him and brought him back to life. A few days ago he told me that when he was hospitalized(for 11 days), God took him and that he was with God and the Spirit of God. I asked him if he was ever afraid in the hospital and he said no because God had taken him with Him and the Spirit. God uses my son in a very special way and I know through him many lives will be changed. Praises to our God Almighty!!!!!!!!

  • Doubtful

    Hi, Your story neither confirms nor denies the existence of a ‘Jesus Christ’ – its only indicative of having spent a lifetime believing that the karmic universe is named ‘Jesus’. Obviously, I have a different set of beliefs…

    Your recount mirrors the beliefs of the ancients; the passage we take as we transition from one life into another incarnate.

    I don’t know what is true… I’ve just learned that the story of JC has been told hundreds of times before JC’s birth (same story, different ‘mesiah’) and, have read a great deal about the Catholic Crussades. So, I don’t believe in JC anymore nor am I monothiestic.

    I’m not questioning what you experienced. I just think you should consider other possible explanations. Of course, you might not get a book deal out of it.

  • Lisa

    This message is for those who live in doubt of the Real Messiah, Jesus the Christ. When I was ten years old, I suffered a serious grand mal seizure and my heart stopped. My spirit left the body and floated into this amber colored bubble where I felt a real peace, joy and a love that I have never felt before. Seconds before the seizure I knew something bad was about to happen, I guess they call it a aura. That was when I cried out, “Jesus Save Me!” I believe those very words saved me. As I was in the amber bubble I had no Pain, no anxiety, no concerns, but I felt very protected and very loved. That was when I looked down and saw my body lying on the floor, motionless and I looked purple. I didn’t immediately recognize that it was me, but is was then when I felt that I needed to go back to that body. Because no one else was there I had no way of sharing my story, I didn’t know how to explain what had happened or what I saw. But about a year passed when it happened again and this time family saw it and called for the medics. So for many years I had to take seizure medications. Then about 8 years ago, I was scheduled to have a angiogram, a procedure where they go into the groin and go up to the heart to see if there where any blockages. During the procedure, I went into V-Tach and Coded. I was only 41 and had two children who still relied on me. As my heart stopped beating I went into a deep deep sleep. Now this was different than that of what took place when I was only ten. As I was in this intense deep sleep, I began to hear sounds that were coming in the surgical unit. I heard the nurses, Doctors and before I knew it I could feel the gown being torn off my body. A large man was Hitting my chest and it did NOT HURT. I saw a woman nurse rushing with a large stainless steel bowl to my side where she began to wash my chest with iodine. That was when I realized that they were about to open my chest and do what was necessary to bring Life back to my motionless body. As I watched all this, I thought to myself, “This is Gonna HURT if I don’t open my eyes, I kept thinking, OPEN YOUR EYES, OPEN YOUR EYES, and that was when I opened my eyes and my heart began to beat once again.
    After the procedure, I had to stay in the hospital for a while and I reflected quite a bit on WHY ME!? Who would BELIEVE in what happened? Is there Life after Death?
    I went home where I spend months in great prayer, asking the Lord WHY Me!? Why couldn’t I j
    ust go home……..
    For several months I had no answer then I opened the Bible and I read and read. During this time frame, I learned what it meant when Jesus said “He is ONLY Sleeping” In regards to Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha. I recalled how there were other stories in the Bible as well where Jesus would say, “HE OR SHE is meerly sleeping!”
    For those who do not know JESUS I cannot say enough about how it is written that EVERY Knee will Bow and Every tongue Confess that JESUS IS LORD.
    Doubtful, The Lord Jesus Christ Loves you soooooo much, He loves Everyone so much that HE gave His very Life on that Cross so who ever asks Him into their Lives, repents of their sins, will have Eternal Life.
    Just a few months ago, the Lord gave me a dream….I was in HEAVEN and He Held His Arms out wide to me, He Embraced Me and He Held Me in His everlasting arms. This is what HE wishes to do for every soul on earth.
    You are a Treasure, so much so that the Heavenly Father gave UP His only Begotten Son for a Sinful people so that one day we could be with HIM IN Paradise.
    Seek HIM and you shall indeed find Him, He is REAL, He is not someones imagination, He has given you Life, He waits on You to call Upon Him… I pray you do, I pray Blessings over every person who doubts and I pray the Lord will touch you as you have never been touched before.
    He is the Way the Truth and the Life.