Doctor Richard Eby's Near Death Experience

In 1972, Dr. Eby was leaning against a railing at a Chicago apartment building when the support gave way, plunging him three stories, landing headfirst.

As his injured body was loaded into an ambulance, Eby had a near-death experience.

His description of heaven as an luminescent realm with indescribable music, beauty and exotic fragrances

While experiencing the granduer of paradise, Eby met Jesus Christ in all his glory and had a long conversation with him.

Fully recovered, Dr. Eby toured Israel in 1977 and had the opportunity to visit Lazarus’s tomb. While in the depths of the illuminated tomb with a group of other people, the lights inside mysteriously failed. During the chaos that followed, Jesus appeared to Eby again, stating that, whereas Eby had seen heaven, he would now see hell. Jesus gave him the following commission:

“You must be able to tell them. They can choose between heaven or hell, but tell them that I died to close hell and open heaven just for them.”

With that, Dr. Eby was suddenly transported to hell and, for the next two minutes, he endured the horrors of hell with its cold, rot and isolation.

As a result of this startling visitation he traveled the world with his wife Maybelle, proclaiming God’s grace and healing power.

In 1978, Eby closed his medical practice in order to follow his calling into a full-time ministry. His after-death communication with Jesus in Lazarus’s tomb, in Eby’s follow up book, Jesus Told Me to Tell Them I Am Coming.


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