Ex-Jehovah Witness Haydee Cortes's Near Death Experience

The Near Death Experience of Haydee Cortes

I was baptized by the Jehovah witnesses in 1970. I believed in God but I didn’t believe that Jesus Christ was God. I believed Jesus Christ was a god created by the true God.

I didn’t believe in life after death much less that there was a conscious spirit that would leave the body when one died.

I didn’t believe in any kind of miracle healing nor I believed that God would communicate with people through visions or dreams.

I believed that all kind of healing, miracles and visions were the work of the devil. I was very loyal to these Jehovah Witness teachings, and nobody could convince me of the contrary.

On September 12, 1973 I was ready to have a C-section done. While I was on the operation table I could see how the doctors and nurses were getting ready to do their job and they were kind of painting my abdomen with an orange liquid.

I was concerned about it and asked what were they doing. The doctor explained to me that they were doing this before the anesthesia since they had to apply the anesthesia and start cutting right away to avoid the baby to be sedated.

They started injecting me the anesthesia and I felt a strange sensation. My body got stiffed, but my mind stayed awake. I realized they were going to cut my abdomen and I was not asleep. I tried to move and scream in desperation but all efforts were in vain. I started feeling a terrible pain while they were cutting my abdomen. All of a sudden in the middle of my pain I heard an audible voice saying; “Look what is going to happen to you!”

In that instant I was pulled out of my body with a sudden swoosh.

I was moving very fast in a circular motion heading toward the ceiling of the room. I stayed hovering there looking down to what they were doing. I could see how my baby was being taken out of my womb.

I felt very sad and I said: “Nothing can be done, everything is over for me on the earth. I was so anxious to see that baby and I couldn’t even hold it in my arms”.

I remembered my other children with sadness and said, “This is the end; now my children will forget all about me”.

I then started going up. I was aware I didn’t have a solid body. I was some kind of energy force moving at a high speed like in a circular motion. I was completely conscious. I knew I was me and I had all my memories with me. I knew I had left the earth. I found myself in a pitch black place.

I started asking questions to myself. “Is this the universe? Where am I? Where am I going to? Am I going to stay here forever?”

All of a sudden I started feeling something very strange. The only word I can use for this is agony or torment. At the same time I was feeling a need for my body. I wanted to get out of there and I wanted my body back. I couldn’t bear the torment.

I remembered the voice I heard at the hospital right before coming out of my body (“look what is going to happen to you”).


Immediately I heard a group of voices saying at the same time “This is for you to believe“. I answered ” I only believe in the Almighty God.

Then there was a silence.

The torment I was feeling stopped and I started to come down at a high speed again.

I found myself back to the ceiling of the hospital room. This time my body was laying on a stretcher and I saw a nurse tapping its face and saying “Haydee, wake up!”

I could clearly see her while I was moving down closer. Then I was softly dropped inside my body.

The nurse was still tapping my face and calling my name. I opened my eyes and there she was right in front of my face. I looked at her eyes while I was thinking “I wish you knew where I’m coming from“.

I couldn’t take the experience away from my mind and I was in a big concern about people in the world. I thought, “The Jehovah Witnesses deceived me, we are Spiritual Beings inside a flesh body and we come out of the body when we die!” People don’t know what can happen to them. They should know about this!”

With this experience I learned that since I didn’t believe in the Son of God I was in darkness. And there is where I went.

Matthew 8:11-12,” And I say to you that many will come from east and west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. But the sons of the kingdom will be cast out into outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Matthew 25:30 – And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

A few days later I was discharged from the hospital. I couldn’t stop thinking about my amazing experience. I kept on repeating to myself, “I was deceived by the Jehovah Witnesses about no spirit coming out of the body when we died, and I just experienced it“.

I started to care for everyone in the world.

I wanted to warn everybody about that dark place. I decided then to believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord and started visiting a Christian church.

After I have received Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior I woke up one night and got up from my bed. While walking toward the door I looked back at my bed and I saw my husband sleeping and to my surprise, my body was also there next to him. I realized I was out of my body again but this time I was not a formless energy moving at high speed. This time I had a body. I stretched my arms forward and looked at this new body.

I then looked at my children’s bedroom and I felt sad to leave them. I thought, “now when my children wake up they will see I’m dead. They will bury me and they will forget all about me. They don’t have anybody to take good care of them, poor things“.

I then knelt on the floor and started praying, “Please Lord, in the name of your son Jesus Christ, return me to my body. My children need me.”

I felt a force lifting me up slowly from the floor and positioned me on top of my material body on the bed and I started to come down slowly until I fell inside it. Right away I tried to open my eyes and move but the body was rigid like a wall . All efforts to move were in vain. I got desperate and I started to pray “Please Lord, my children need me; there is no one to take care of them properly, bring me back to life.”

I started feeling like needles inside my whole body. I felt the force of life and the beating of my heart. I then opened my eyes and this time they opened. Then I moved my fingers to check and they moved. I then jumped out of my bed amazed.

I have told this experience in different churches and many lives have been touched and have given their hearts to the Lord. To God be the glory.

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