Eyewitness Testimony From A Satanist That Died And Went To Hell

The following eyewitness testimony from a Satanist that died and went to hell was originally shared on Steve Quayle’s website….

Hey Steve its Jason again. I finally got to listen to your show with the Hagmanns from last thursday and wanted to tell you that you did a great job. You really touched on some stuff that people need to hear especialy about the enemy and hell.

I’d like to share something that happened to me with you if you dont mind. As you know I was a satanist most of my life. I was very dark, evil and powerful but I was also willingly possessed. I believe that God allowed me to walk that path for a reason.

Any way in may 2005 I was in a bad car crash with a friend. We went off an embankment and the car rolled three times and I was thrown 45 feet from it. I suffered a lot of head trauma and was legally dead for 2 minutes on the helicopter ride to the hospital and was comatose for a week after that. And I spent that time in hell.

As soon as I flat lined my demon grabbed me and took me to hell. The next thing I knew I was on a floor naked and terrified. All I could hear were screams of people in pain and anguish. It was dark the blackness was so thick that it was like you could touch it like a sheet, and the heat was suffocating.

I remember thinking that I can’t possibly be alive because the heat and the smell alone should kill me. The smell was horrible, sulphur and rotting flesh and the smell was toxic. I wish there was a way to describe it, if you could take all the things that have that awful stench of death and decay and put them together I dont think that it would come close.

Then all at once everything hit me and fear took hold I wish I could describe it, if you were bleeding in a school of hungry sharks that just ate your friend it still couldn’t come close to what you truly feel in hell. In my life I have come face to face with some of the darkest demons one could imagine and that doesn’t even come close. As I was laying there I could see a faint glow in the distance and somehow knew that people were burning in it and then I started to notice that there were a lot of the spaced out entities of all sizes.

I started to try to move but I was so weak I could hardly even crawl and as I stuck my arm out I felt a hot stone wall and knew that I was in like a prison cell of some kind. Then as I felt my fear get stronger I heard something large moving around close to me. And they began to speak but I couldn’t understand their language but I could feel their hatred for me.

Then one of them whispered to me and I will never forget what he said. He said ” hello Jason, Ash of the black wind (my occult name), he who thinks he can walk both worlds. You’ve done great works on earth and this is your reward.” Then the demon grabbed me and threw me against the wall and as I hit I felt my bones shatter and felt pain worse than I ever have on earth. Then I was grabbed by another demon and ripped my chest open as I lay against the wall. But I didn’t bleed and I couldn’t understand why.

As I lay there 2 more demons grabbed my arms and the other my legs and as they laughed they tore them off. Then another slammed my head against the floor and tore the skin from my face. All I could do was cry out to God to forgive me and save me from this place, and as your flesh comes back after each moment of passing so the torment continues all you can think about is every time that you could have accepted Jesus and chose not to.

Steve the only reason I am alive today is because the Lord is not finished with me. He told me that personaly just like you. If you know of anyone that my testimony could be helpful to please share it with them. Or if its someone you’ve met or know then please feel free to give them my contact information. I’ll be praying for you brother. God bless.


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  • Gary2

    Michael–did this guy run into Gog or Magog?? just sayin….

  • Lisa Marie

    whoa, I believe him. In hell it is said that there will be a waling and moaning and a gnashing of teeth. That’s not the only accoung of demonic torment after death I heard about.

  • cc

    God Bless you brother for God showed you the light, for the enemy dose not wont you to open your eyes and see for what he is .For the Lord is good and he wait on you to call a pone him. Jer 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD”plans to prosper you and not to harm you to give you hope and a future Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the LORD.” I pray for everyone that dose not know Jesus Christ as there saver and Lord

  • rod

    I do not understand how people can already be in Hell before the day of judgement where God either allows you into heaven or condems you to Hell. Is it not said they will wait in purgatory till judgeent day?

  • Jacques DUMON

    Those catholic of cafeteria who are knowing everything and say that nobody goes to Hell bcs Hell doesn’t exist (…since the council VATII) here are the people whom this testimony could be helpful to.

  • True Believer

    Wow. Great story. Just one thing that I don’t understand, if we are in spirit form when we go to heaven or hell, how is it the smell of burning flesh, your bones shattered or even how do you have skin. You are a spirit, this is what puzzles me about this story.

  • laughnow

    We will have senses in what ever spiritual body we are given, that of life in Christ, or of death, in hell. Abraham said to the rich man..son remember. So we have memory. The Word says in 1 Cor 2:9-eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, things God has prepared for those that love Him. How much more, the opposite, will it be for the enemies of God, those that love their sin. Its not hard to see how we could have extremities since we have memory, sight, and hearing.

  • laughnow

    Said by whom? Catholic priests? Yes. The Word of God? No. Jesus said.better to cut off your hand that causes you to sin than to be cast into hell. So at death, we go directly to one place or the other, based on our faith alone in Christ and imputed righteousness of Christ;those truly born again will be with Christ..those that do the will of the Father. Those that do not, which is the majority, end in the place in the story. Except its not a story. Its real, its forever, and theres no going back once youre there.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Interesting books and testimonies to read/listen to:
    – “A Divine Revelation of Hell” – Mary Katherine Baxter
    – “23 Minutes in Hell” – Bill Weise

    Wanna know the place that AC-DC, Marilyn Manson and so many other rock bands sing about and mock? You think hell is the ultimate party place? This is the reality:


    Michael Jackson is in hell. John Lennon is in hell.
    So is the Tex-Mex singer Selena. And Pope John Paul II.
    Kurt Cobain, too. These have all been documented by people who have been to hell and back.

    It matters not what good works or deeds you did on earth, or your status, wealth or position of power on earth. ALL men have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23). No, it doesn’t matter. Mother Teresa could be in hell. So could Martin Luther King Jr. Same for countless other important people.

    Only Jesus Christ can save you from hell. There is no “limbo”. No “nirvana”. No “Shangri-La”. Buddha can’t save you. Neither can Mohammed, Neither can the Virgin Mary. ONLY in Jesus Christ, does your salvation lie..

  • CallmeAdam

    This testimony echoes that of Bill Wiese’s.

    Matthew 10:28
    And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the
    soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in

    If you have not believed on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, repent and call on Him this very hour! Compared to eternity, our present lives are but a drop in the bucket.