Former Kundalini Yoga Teacher Turns to Christianity

Former Kundalini Yoga teacher, Mike Shreve provides a unique insight into the essential question  – Do all religions lead to God?

Shreve taught a pantheistic God though yoga and meditation at four Florida universities, but his life changed after he had discovered information that lead him to apologize to over 400 students and walk away from his job the day after his discovery.

His journey started when a friend of his wrote him and told of a supernatural experience after walking into a church.  His friend proclaimed that he heard an audible voice saying that  “Jesus is the only way” and that if he wanted to experience eternal life and union with the “true” God, that he had to go through the cross and had to be born again.

Shreve rejected the idea, but found his friends letter weighing in his thoughts that one day he came to the realization that possibly he had over looked Christianity.  He decided to devote one day to study Christianity to get down to the truth of the religion.

He started off with a prayer in Jesus’s name, and devoted  He spent 12 hours of praying and reading the bible.  Little did he know that several weeks, or months before this day, a prayer group in the local area found an article discussing his efforts at the university, and devoted prayer around the clock for Shreve to see the truth.

That same day hitchhiking his way to the university he was picked up by one of the members of the local prayer group whom had a background understanding in yoga.  After receiving Jesus as Lord of his life, he sold what he owned and began traveling the country sharing the gospel.

Mike Shreve explains the huge difference between the Impersonal Cosmic Force he once believed to be Ultimate Reality (Brahman) and the Personal God of the Bible.

He approaches the question that many people ask themselves- Are all religions different paths to the same God?

Is Ultimate Reality a personal God or an impersonal cosmic energy? Is truth subjective or objective?

In his book Search of the True Light answers vital questions surrounding religion and spirituality, where he reviews over 20 religions.   He exposes evident contradictions in the many religions in the world.

He talks about concepts such as Reincarnation, Karma, Monism, Pantheism, Enlightenment and endless cycles of creation.

In Search of the True Light is a very unique and inspiring book that accomplishes three main things—

(1) It highlights Mike Shreve’s spiritual journey from eastern religions to Christianity;

(2) He reviews an in-depth study of over 20 religions of the world

(3) He reviews the  unmistakable evidence of Jesus Christ.

This book is divided into five main parts:

Part 1—He highlights the similarities and commonalities found in various religions of the world

Part 2—He highlights and explains the contrasts of over 20 religions.  Some of the main doctrinal areas are – The Origin and Nature of the Universe, the Nature of God, the Origin and Nature of Man, etc.

Part 3—Discusses Mike Shreve’s personal story.  He reviews his experience being a teacher of Kundalini Yoga at four universities until an experience with Ultimate Reality radically changed his worldview.

Part 4—Talks about 30 questions and answers dealing with concepts Mike Shreve once embraced as a yoga teacher, like: reincarnation, karma, the divinity of man, universal cycles, and Ultimate Reality being an impersonal cosmic energy

Part 5—An overreview to his conclusions of man’s quest for enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment

  • Mike Shreve is one of the most dynamic voices in America today. He has committed his life to seeing souls saved, feeding the hungry and reaching the needy. In Search Of The True Light is a classic. Mike s testimony will touch your heart and his insights into the religions of the world are very enlightening. I have not been able to put down this book. –Matthew Barnett Pastor – Los Angeles International Church (the Dream Center)
  • Thoughtful and thought-provoking, Mike Shreve provides a unique insight into the essential question all spiritual seekers must ask – do all religions lead to God? Interwoven with his own compelling personal story and a comprehensive look at more than twenty world religions, he provides a cogent answer to this difficult question. A good resource for anyone who is searching for spiritual meaning and purpose. –Rhonda Glenn – 100 Huntley Street, Co-Host
  • Mike Shreve has done a phenomenal job with this book. There are not very many people that could discuss the religions with the insight and knowledge that he brings to the table. He is highly qualified to speak on these topics and presents the information in a reader-friendly way. Never before have I found a book that lays all of these religions side-by-side and examines the similarities and differences with an unbiased approach. The conclusions are indisputable. Very powerful read. Cheryl – Alberta, Canada
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