Is There Life After Death?

Is there life after death? Do heaven and hell really exist? These are very hard and very important questions. The answers to them may be some of the most important answers that you ever find in your entire life. For if there is life after death, and if it never ends, what could be more important than that? It would make all of the petty goals that we chase so feverishly here on earth pale in significance.  The reality is that most people seem to drift through life without really ever taking the proper time to consider the fundamental questions regarding our existence.  Perhaps they should.

After all, if there really is a heaven, who wouldn’t give up EVERYTHING in order to get there?

If there really is a hell, who wouldn’t give up EVERYTHING in order to avoid going there?

But of course if it can be proven that there is not life after death, then it is not even worth spending time thinking about such things.

So what does the evidence say?

Does the evidence lead us to a conclusion on this matter?

Well, yes it does.

On this website we will be collecting the credible testimonies of people from all over the globe who have died and who have gotten a glimpse of the other side.

Some of them have been to heaven.

Some of them have been to hell.

All of them have an amazing story to tell.

We believe that we are putting together the most extraordinary collection of credible near death experiences that you will find on the Internet.

There are certain kinds of near death experiences that we will not be featuring on this website however.

For example, any near death experience that required hypnotism for the patient to recall we reject out of hand. There is simply too much potential for suggestion or outside influence when hypnotism is used.

Our goal will be to only include those near death experiences that individuals can recall without any outside help or influence. We have found those to be the most credible by far.

If you know of any additional near death experiences that you think that we should include on this website, please leave us a comment and let us know. The reality is that millions of people around the world have had near death experiences, and we are discovering new ones all the time.

So what do these near death experiences reveal? They reveal that there is a God, that Jesus is real, that heaven really exists and that hell really exists.

Please take the time to check out as many of the NDE stories on this site as possible. We believe that anyone who listens to these stories and seriously considers them will come away fundamentally changed.

Thank you for visiting our site about life after death, and it is our hope that this site will be helpful to you in your search for the truth.

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  • Euro Murzi

    I don´t believe, because it´s not possible !!!

    “Life” is brain function. If brain die, “life” too.

    That´s all. Simple !!! Ja, ja, ja.