Ken Peters Sees A Vision Of The Tribulation

Ken Peters was given a vivid vision of the “end of days” in 1981 where he described the world going through the time mentioned in the bible as the tribulation.

His vision wasn’t a peaceful world that we could only hope for, but rather he details a world in travail with horrific world wide natural disasters.  He saw crops perishing, worldwide droughts, famines and pestilence. In his vision he also saw a worldwide earthquake that killed millions of people.

One common theme through his vision is that of a world government which severed personal freedoms and liberties.  In the end of his vision he was taken along with his wife and many other Christians where he experienced a horrific beheading as he comes to know the plans of the government are to exterminate all Christians.  Amongst the shocking details of his vision, he sees hope.

He tells about pockets of light among the darkness as he gazed upon the United States where God was showing him amazing miracles that were happening with the bands of Christians that kept the testimony and commandments of Jesus Christ.  His testimony is one everyone must hear.

“The old Evangelist launched what he called the final all-out thrust, speaking the Word of God with reckless abandon. In pockets all over the earth, others began doing the same. I was able to see this awesome display of Almighty God’s power at work. I could see the Global scene in full demonstration of who Jesus was and just what He could do. I saw miracles everywhere. God’s people working miracles on a wholesale basis by all who were truly the Lord’s people. The difference was the real servants of God were able to do awesome miraculous works; creating miracles, including the dead raised to life, and healing after healing of incurable diseases. This was happening all over the world. It was as though Jesus himself was everywhere doing His work through ordinary people. Unbelievable miracles were now commonplace.”

There is one place where we are told about the beginning of time to the end of time, and that is within the bible.  The bible has over 2000 prophecies that detail descriptions of the end of days we are seeing come to pass today.   We are told about a world government in the bible coming to power, the micro chip mark on the hand (which we can see being set into place today), as well as many other prophecies that are yet to come such as Damascus’s (Syra) annihilation.

Ken Peter’s vision is yet another vision amongst many people who claim to have seen visions given to them by the Lord Jesus Christ.  ALL of these visions are strikingly simular and line up with the bible.

The God of the bible loves us so much he has sent warnings for those who have ears to hear.  He has given us prophecy as a guide line of what to expect, as well as giving us ample warning of world events.  Do you trust him?

We have Hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, because we are told Satan is ultimately cast into the Lake of Fire with God giving those what give their lives to him eternity in heaven.   Do you trust the only true God, ….the God of the Bible?

Ken Peters Vision of the Tribulation can be purchased at The Prophecy Club which is an organization that hosts speakers from around the nation to talk about end times events.

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  • Vivienne Krueger


    Where can I purchase several DVDs of Ken Peters vision of the Endtimes and the Tribulation? I especially enjoyed viewing and sharing his story on You Tube but now that video is not available. Why has it been taken off YouTube if Ken was told by the Lord to share his incredible experience with the world? It doesn’t make sense. Anyway, I would appreciate being able to buy several DVDs for my own personal use.

    Thank you very much.
    Vivienne Krueger AKA Yunginspirit

  • Admin


    I believe that you can get this DVD from The Prophecy Club.

  • Solits

    Wow, these must have been truthful clips! I tried to watch them and they have all been removed due to “terms of violation?” Someone really doesn’t want this message to get across!