Life After Death: Ian McCormack Shares His Near Death Experience During Which He Saw Both Heaven And Hell

Ian McCormack shares the details of his extraordinary near death experience during which he saw both heaven and hell.

McCormack was night diving off the island of Mauritius when he was stung multiple times by box jellyfish, which are some of the most venomous creatures in the world.  It was amazing that he was able to survive for as long as he did.

At the time, McCormack was a devout atheist.  He desperately clung to life as he attempted to make his way to a hospital.  On his way to the hospital, McCormack cried out to God in prayer.

Upon arriving at the hospital, he was declared clinically dead soon afterwards.  After he was declared dead, McCormack left his body and had an experience that would change his life forever.  He discovered that there really is life after death.

McCormack was shown the place he would have gone if he had not cried out for God (hell) and he had a radical encounter with God which shook him to the core of his being.

McCormack learned that his Christian mother had been right all along.  He found out that God is real and that Jesus really does exist.

God gave McCormack the opportunity to return to this earth and continue his life, and now McCormack is trying to tell as many people as he can that we can all have forgiveness of our sins and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Very few people can watch McCormack’s testimony without being deeply moved.  And fortunately, McCormack is far from alone.  There are literally thousands and thousands and thousands of people who have died and have come back to tell us what is on the other side.

God really exists.  There really is life after death.  Jesus really did die on the cross for our sins.  There really is a heaven.  There really is a hell.  If you will just turn to God and repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your life you can have eternal life too.

Heaven and Hell Experiences

The Lazarus Phenomenon: A Glimpse of Eternity, Reghardt van den Bergh (Director)

Is there really life after death? What happens when we die? Has anyone really returned from the dead to tell us what lies beyond?

A Gallup poll discovered that eight million American adults have had near death experiences, roughly one in twenty. This has spawned a renewed interest in the afterlife reality.

The medical profession calls the “delayed spontaneous return of intrinsic circulation after cardiac-pulmonary resuscitation, The Lazarus Phenomenon.” In our presentation we investigate the reality if any, of life after death.

This thought provoking film features moving interviews with experts from the scientific, medical and religious fields as well as graphic and compelling testimonies of people who say they actually experienced the afterlife and returned shaken and changed forever! If you are one of the millions worldwide who has ever wondered what lies beyond, then this film is a must see! Buy it On Amazon

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  • Hannah

    I have recently lost someone very dear to me unexpectedly. This has sparked my interest even more into faith of Jesus Christ, our lord and savior. I was interested in researching life after death… Where did my loved one go? I have always had my own beliefs in God, and that there is a heaven. I just want to find out all there is to know about what happens when your life ends. Is it just beginning? Do we become reincarnated? Why is there proof of haunted areas, why are those souls not released to heaven or hell? I did read a research report today about life after death. And it did say that if you ask for God’s forgiveness, and to take you that you will be brought to heaven. Reading this article gave me more faith in life after death, there are just so many questions. However I suppose that there is only one way to find out someday, and that is when my time has come. Until then I will continue to believe in God, and eternal life after death through faith in God.

  • Admin


    As Ian McCormack shares in his video, you can have your sins forgiven and you will go to heaven when you die if you invite Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and Savior.

    For much more on how you can become a Christian, please see the following article….


  • Mary

    Hannah… “haunted” areas are not haunted by souls of people. They are demons. They can appear to be the remnants of a person, because they are what we call familiar spirits. When we die, we go to Heaven or Hell. The Bible says “absent from the body, present with the Lord”. There is no getting ‘stuck’ here.. When we leave our body, we leave this earth.
    I pray that you listened to Ian’s story, and have made a decision for Christ!! He loves you so!!!