Daniel Ekechukwu Was Raised From The Dead

Reinhard Bonnke is by far one of the greatest Christian evangelist’s in history.

He is proving that YHWH is producing massive  miracles Africa than in America because people are not consumed by luxuries as they are in America and Europe.

People feel they have no need for God in North America because they have their cars, and homes and luxuries, and yet even more exciting things are happening in underprivileged countries that we don’t even hear about.

Bonnke has said he has been in ministry for 50 years and his ministry has recorded some 52 million decisions for  Jesus Christ.Reinhard Bonnke didn’t come from a typical up bring, but a rather humbling one.

Born in east Germany, Bonnke grew up in a struggling family who knew the horrors of war, hunger, and fear.

Bonnke’s heart is truly after seeking the lost, as a growing number of evangelists have been labeled money hungry giving prophets and evangelists a bad name.  There are some great men out there showing the power of the ALMIGHTY YHWH!

Bonnke has written many books, and 178 million copies of literature have been printed in 158 different languages given away at no charge.

We bring you to a remarkable story of a Nigerian pastor, Daniel Ekechukwu, who was died in a car accident…………………..

Daniel died during the trip to the hospital  near the town of Onitsha, Nigeria, Africa on November 30th, 2001.

He was later pronounced dead by two different medical staff in two different hospitals.  As further evidence a  Medical report was written allowing the release of the corpse to the mortuary.

Daniel´s wife remembered a verse in Scripture from Hebrews 11: “Women received their dead raised to life again.”  She heard about a meeting where Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was preaching, and brought Daniel´s body in his coffin.  Raised from the Dead


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