Rev. Oden Hetrick's Vision Of Heaven

Rev. Oden Hetrick visited Heaven many times and has wrote about the beautiful details of Heaven such as The Holy City, The Tree of Life, The River of Life, Mansions, Chambers, The Throne of God, The Sea of Glass.

“Heaven is big like a planet.  What you see here is a side view of the City of Heaven.  It is foursquare as in Rev 21:10-16, with 12 foundations, walls of jasper and 3 gates on each side.  Over the gates are the names of the tribes of Israel.  After entering the gate you go thru a large bright hallway, you are greeted by an angel and then you step into the Holy Place of Heaven. This is where you see the River of Life, the Tree of Life, and the big beautiful City Mansions. The round tower you see in the center is the Holy of Holies of Heaven. This is the Throne Room of Yahweh.

Around the outside of the City is an outer expanse like environs or suburbs.  These suburbs are huge and are very much like earth, with mountains and valleys, trees and rivers.  But unlike earth, (Mat 6:19)  there is nothing here to corrupt. (Mat 6:20 & Rev 21:4 & 27)  Also this City with suburbs was finished from the foundation of the world.  It was made before the earth was created.  (Heb 4:3  & Mat 25:34) ”

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“My first understanding of God’s unseen creation took place when I was in an army hospital with a sprained back. I had read my Bible and prayed and closed my eyes to sleep, and then I saw ten angels around my bed. They were seven feet tall with large masculine bodies, beautiful faces, long golden hair and long white shining garments. When I opened my eyes to see them better, I saw no angels. Only with my physical eyes closed could I see the angels and feel their presence, because God had opened the eyes of my spirit to behold the invisible world where He lives.”

“The City of Heaven is foursquare like a cube; its length and width and height are each about 1500 miles. But in space the City of Heaven appears large and round — much larger than 1500 miles. This is because of what are called environs or suburbs, the outer parameter of Paradise. The foursquare Holy City is completely surrounded and enclosed by these suburbs. The outer edge of these suburbs is very large, much larger even than the earth. In these suburbs or shadowy groves the saints first arrive when they come from the earth; and in this transition from earth to Heaven, they learn many things. First, they learn that they can still see, hear, smell, taste, touch and remember, and that they have a form like their earth body. This form is their spirit, now out of their body. When saints leave their bodies on earth, they have a sense of freedom as birds flying. They find their thoughts to be clear and their vision able to see both physical and spiritual realms.”

“St John described the wall of this City as ‘great and high,’ and because we are near, it appears to reach up out of sight. In the eastern wall, facing us, there are three gates. Each one is surrounded by huge multicolored arches having the appearance of stained glass windows. The twelve foundations are covered with precious stones of twelve different colors — one color of gem for each foundation. The colors are so arranged that the City appears sometimes to be sitting on a rainbow and sometimes to be surrounded by it.”

“After we enter through the gate of pearly white light, we see a huge hallway. With its high vaulted ceilings and wide corridor, it is about 216 feet long, because the wall of this City is 216 feet thick. There are no lighting fixtures here. The light comes from the Throne of God and begins as a very bright white light. Then as this light is diffused through, and reflected from, the gem-like structure of this City, there emerges a rainbow spectrum which is the blending of five major colors: gold, blue, purple, red and green.”

“So we stepped into the river and the experience was very stimulating and exciting. It was my first experience in touching the water of the River of Heaven. This crystal River of Life is not cold and wet like earthly water. We can breathe under the surface because this water is a manifestation or appearing of the Spirit of God. Walking in this river is walking in the Spirit, and these waters remove the scars and memories of sin from the souls and minds of the saints whose home is in Heaven. The sins themselves, of course, must be removed on earth by the blood Jesus shed on earth.”

“The golden streets are on both sides of the river. Close to the water, they begin to slope downward and continue under the water forming the river bed. The golden streets are clear, but they look golden because they reflect the predominant gold color of the City. Here again the effect is like pearl — we can see into the street but we cannot see through it. The river also is clear but it sparkles more like silver. The streets are on both sides of the river and are each about 90 feet wide. In the center of each street is a 30-foot wide green lawn with a row of trees, something like a boulevard. The trees are called the Tree of Life with twelve different fruits, one for each month. The lawn is made of short thick grass growing up out of white sand. There are also beds of fragrant colorful flowers artistically designed and arranged. This park of trees, streets, and river makes twelve spirals around and from the center of the City outward to the eastern gate. This park is about 26.000 miles long and could easily accommodate 144 million people. But in all my visits to this place, there appear to be very few people here.”

“Some have wondered about family circles in Heaven. Togetherness here is different than it was on earth, because, even those who had no family on earth have a companion here, from whom they never part. We do at times have a banquet in our mansion for friends and relatives but they all bring their companions. And when we attend other banquets, we go as companions. For as Eden was made an eternal paradise for Adam and Eve until they fell, so Heaven was made for companions who are restored from the fall by Jesus, to be eternal sweethearts. There are no families here as there are on earth. But in a spiritual sense, those who are here are all one family in our Heavenly Father’s big House. We can communicate by thought; but since we can’t listen and talk to everybody at once, most human fellowship in Heaven is between companions. There are also small groups of companions talking, you could say, all at once. And there are larger groups listening to an interesting person, and there are also congregations listening to platform presentations or watching video scenes.”

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