Roberts Liardon's Vision Of Heaven

“We Saw Heaven” by Roberts Liardon as he recounts his story seeing heaven as a child along with three others have experienced heaven and have come back to tell their experiences.

Other accounts of heaven include Marietta Davis, Rebecca Springer, and the accounts of the orphained children from H.A. Baker’s book Visions of Heaven.

Other notable NDE he mentions in his book are from Kenneth A. Hagee, Jessie Duplantis, Lester Sumrall and Norvel Hayes

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 ROBERTS LIARDON is an anointed spiritual leader and humanitarian who has authored 54 books which have sold over 7,000,000 copies and been translated into more then 50 languages. He has built churches, bible colleges, and founded a humanitarian organization

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  • Life After Death

    I believe in life after death. I’m glad they put more than one testimony in the book sounds like it will be an awesome read. Heaven is real and so is hell we better get real too.