Roland Dell's Near Death Experience -A Soldiers NDE

A Christian Soldiers Near Death Experience

My near death experience was a two fold experience, allow me to explain…

It was exactly my twenty years in the military, I had just returned to my former Unit of assignment (that I work for fulltime), post my Units Mobilization for Operation Iraqi Freedom at Ft Bragg NC; it was Sunday 02/06/2005.

On Friday I had received my ordination as a Christian Minister, and had prayed that I would be effective for the Lord, (Like the Apostle Paul) and that the enemy would know who I was.

Our Battle Group Training was in water survival, (that I had practiced for over twenty years.) Towards the end of completion of the course, I had what I thought was terrible heart burn. A little embarrassed, I approached my Commanding Officer and other NCOs’ so that I could lie down for just a moment.

Due to the quick response of a Warrant Officer, an ambulance was soon dispatched.

Then as a NSA police officer was questioning me and as the Paramedics arrived, I would “black out” due to heart failure caused by a piece of plaque.

Immediately before blacking out, I would feel a being lying shoulder to shoulder with me, (on my right) and see HIM in shadow. I remember at this point the sound was my last sense to go.

As the Paramedics’ defibrillated my heart (one or two times) the sound returned in the blackness or void. As I regained consciousness it was if I was under the street and someone slowly slid open the manhole cover above me. I could look up and see the Paramedics faces working on me looking down.

As documented, I said “that feels better” although I only remember asking if I had a heart attack? I was told not to try and talk, so I said “being as no one said that I haven’t, I must have!”

The second experience I had was much different… In transport to my requested hospital my ambulance became stuck in traffic, I could hear Donny, (my Paramedic) saying that we must get on the highway and find a different route to a different hospital……….

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