Tamara Laroux Committed Suicide By Shooting Herself In The Chest And Saw That Life After Death Is Very Real


Have you ever heard the extraordinary testimony of Tamara Laroux?

When she was a young woman she got to the point where she felt like life was not worth living anymore.  She was in an extreme amount of emotional pain and she decided that she was going to commit suicide.  On that fateful day, she initially pointed the gun at her head, but a voice told her to point it at her heart instead.  She was given a vision of what she would look like in the future if she shot herself in the head, and it scared her.  So she decided that she would kill herself by shooting herself in the heart instead.  So that is what she did.  She committed suicide by shooting herself in the chest.  But that was not the end for Tamara Laroux.  In fact, Tamara Laroux discovered that life after death is very, very real.

Very shortly after committing suicide, Tamara Laroux found herself in hell.  It was horrifying beyond description.  The burning and the pain were unbearable.  But fortunately she did not stay there.  Just before shooting herself, Tamara said the following words: “God please forgive me!”  Perhaps that one act is what saved her.  A great hand lifted her out of hell and brought her to a place where she was able to see heaven.  What she saw there was absolutely beyond description as well.

After that, she came back into her body and made a miraculous recovery.  Now she is sharing with the world what she experienced while she was dead.  The testimony of Tamara Laroux should be a huge wake up call for all of us.  Like so many thousands of other eyewitnesses, Tamara is telling us that she experienced that life after death is very, very real.

Please take a few minutes to watch Tamara Laroux share her amazing story with Pat Robertson in the video posted below.  As you will see, she is very, very credible.  What she has to say just might change your life….

To learn how you can have your sins forgiven and be certain that you will go to heaven when you die, please see our article entitled “What Does The Bible Say About Salvation?

Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for your sins.  You do not have to go to hell.  If you will invite Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and Savior, He will forgive all of your sins and will give you eternal life.

Yes, life after death is very real.

Yes, heaven is very real.

Yes, hell is very real.

One day you will leave your body behind for good.

Where will you go when that happens?

The decision that you make about that is the most important decision that you will make in your life.

Everything on this earth is just temporary.  Please do not let the things of this world keep you from reaching out to God.

Jesus died on the cross so that you can have a relationship with God.  He will forgive your sins if you will just ask Him to.

Don’t give up on life like Tamara Laroux did.  Fortunately, she got a second chance.  Please listen to what she is saying.

God loves you with an overwhelming love.  But you get to make a choice.  You get to decide what life after death is going to hold for you.

Will you choose forgiveness or will you choose judgment?

Will you choose heaven or will you choose hell?

Will you choose God or will you choose the powers of darkness?

The choice is up to you.

Choose wisely.

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  • jackie

    i beleive life after death is as real as mcdonalds. it is real, im catholic and im 12 years old. this is an assignment i have for humanities. i find this very intersting how were all afraid of death. i am personally afraid of death. im scared not of life after death but that i will never be back again, i will miss my family and everything in the world. we shouldnt be afraid you might leave earth but you will go somewhere safer and happier. i have sinned many times that i havent confessed but god forgives you. no matter how big your sin is he will beleive you if you decide to follow him. i hope god forgives me because i do follow him i try to do my best and not sin, but commiting a sin is part of being human. im just not certain if theres going to be life again. how will this life be? when the sun does become extinct which is in like 5 billion years when theres no more life will god still exist? what would “earth” be like? i have so many questions for specialist who study life after death i wish i could ask. when i pass away i hope i go to heaven and get a good taste of heaven.

  • Admin


    You can know that you are saved and headed for heaven. Please read this article….