Orphaned Children See Angels,Demons,Heaven & Hell

Originally published many years ago, this outstanding book, now revised, is still fresh and challenging to us today.

It tells the story of a group of children—mostly street beggars and orphans—living in the Adullam Rescue Mission in Yunan Province, China, under the care of missionaries H. A. Baker and his wife.

These children experienced an immense and incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit—so great that they literally “experienced Heaven” through visions.

The children saw angels, demons, heaven, hell, & would reported their visions to Mr. Baker whom documented the miracles.  The most interesting part of this is all the children were untrained and ignorant of the spiritual truths that were being revealed to them.

This book reveals a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit onto little poor Chinese Orphans.

 Own the Book Here- Visions Beyond the Veil: Visions of Heaven, Angels, Satan, Hell and the End of the Age

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  • I thought I was buying a book from another author, Heidi Baker. So when I received this book, I was amazed! God totally put this book into my hands for a reason. This was the greatest mistake I have ever made!
  • This book opened my heart and spirit to the realities of the spiritual world, mainly Heaven and Hell. The children whom God speaks to and “Brings” to Heaven are completely transformed from street beggars and orphans to children wrapped in His loving arms and allowed to see what we only can imagine or dream of! I highly recommend this to anyone who needs their heart warmed back up to Jesus!- By Michele L. Coleman (Bullhead City, Arizona USA)
  • I read this book years ago and it literaly changed my way of thinking about things. Beautiful children are allowed to see the mysteries of Heaven and Hell. The accounts in this book will make the hair stand up on your head, they are so vivid and meaningful. This book will encourage you as a believer and should scare you if you are an unbeliever. Well worth the read. Excellent! By Shirley Priscilla Johnson (USA)
  • Very good quality printing, paper, cover and plain to read print. You will never forget this book. Documented true stories of children who have visited heaven. They had no idea who God was or even if there was a God. Buy this book.- By Read good books
  • I give this book my highest rating – an AAA+++ rating! The subject, the organization, how the words expressed the truth – just everything makes this book so great! Reading this book, along side the Bible, gives the reader the facts and a clear understanding of what Heaven, hell and the living Gospel is all about. Rev. Baker — good job !!!
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