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I ran across a great video which featured quotes about hell from several outstanding books; many which I have read, and many which were new to me.  With hundreds of accounts of heaven and hell, a person can find proof that an afterlife exists.  Here are some of the books this video quotes from persons that have actually been to hell and have come back….

The Lazarus Phenomenon is a film that deals with man’s search for life after death. It is a riveting true-life drama that plays itself out in various locations including the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. A young New Zealand surfer on an ‘endless summer vacation’ dies after being stung by one of the deadliest creatures in the ocean, yet lives to tell his tale. Daniel Ekechukwu, a pastor from Nigeria who was certified dead and lay in state, returned from the dead to tell his tale. These two stories will both shock you and intrigue you. Are you ready for what lies ahead? What happens when you die?

B. W. Melvin-A Land Unknown: Hell’s Dominion- A Land Unknown is an astonishing true story of one man’s incredible journey to Hell and back, truly, a must read for those curious about the near-death experience written from the Christian perspective

Review From Nunnelly “Robert”-More descriptive than “23 Minutes in Hell” book by Bill Wiese, A Land Unknown Hell’s Dominion takes the reader on a trip to the underworld in vivid details. Both authors Bill Wiese and B. W. Melvin describe Hell. Comparing the two books, IMHO, “A Land Unknown Hell’s Dominion,” contains more vivid imagery than the other. These two books are fascinating reading together. Is it a perfect book? No. But it is an excellent read that will make one ponder his or her eternity and seek to improve his or her life now. Life is short, eternity is longer. The author brings out that point clearly in a land unknown. I recommend adding, A Land Unknown Hell’s Dominion” and `23 Minutes in Hell” to your personal library. However, when one reads these styles of books – one must take the proverbial grain of salt and match judge by the bible what the authors claim to have seen. I found it ironic how both books describes the same place and the demonic host there, both authors saw cells and ghastly beings inside a pit as the Old Testament describes. I was left with the impression that they both saw the same place and verify each other. Overall, a great read and worth adding to your personal library

“Hell Under Fire” as a scholarly alternative that verifies these eyewitness accounts of the hereafter of the lost. Hell Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents Eternal Punishment- Of all the teachings of Christianity, the doctrine of hell </a>is easily the most troubling, so much so that in recent years the church has been quietly tucking it away. Rarely mentioned anymore in the pulpit, it has faded through disuse among evangelicals and been attacked by liberal theologians. Hell is no longer only the target of those outside the church. Today, a disturbing number of professing Christians question it as well. Perhaps more than at any other time in history, hell is under fire. The implications of the historic view of hell make the popular alternatives, annihilationism and universalism, seem extremely appealing. But the bottom line is still God’s Word. What does the Old Testament reveal about hell? What does Paul the apostle have to say, or the book of Revelation? Most important, what does Jesus, the ultimate expression of God’s love, teach us about God’s wrath? Upholding the authority of Scripture, the different authors in Hell Under Fire explore a complex topic from various angles. R. Albert Mohler Jr. provides a historical, theological, and cultural overview of ‘The Disappearance of Hell.’ Christopher Morgan draws on the New Testament to offer three pictures of hell as punishment, destruction, and banishment. J. I. Packer compares universalism with the traditional understanding of hell, Morgan does the same with annihilationism, and Sinclair Ferguson considers how the reality of hell ought to influence preaching. These examples offer some idea of this volume’s scope and thoroughness. Hell may be under fire, but its own flames cannot be quenched by popular opinion. This book helps us gain a biblical perspective on what hell is and why we cannot afford to ignore it. And it offers us a better understanding of the One who longs for all people to escape judgment and obtain eternal life through Jesus Christ.

By Daniel Murphy – Hell Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents Eternal Punishment-The reason I ordered this book was because I thought I would get a book that provided exegetically-driven counter-arguments to the arguments for annihilationism / conditionalism, as I have recently gone through Fudge’s “The Fire that Consumes,” with presents some impressive arguments for this view.

Yes, there is life after death… Let Curt Jurgens tell you so, for he died during open-heart surgery and crossed the threshold between this world and the next.. And Returned.. As did King Paul of Greece. And Charles Aznavour and Daniel Gelin, the famous entertainers. . Here, in their enthralling case histories and those of many less celebrated subjects, is the answer to the eternal question, what happens after death? Jean-Baptiste Delacour, the internationally known parapsychologist, has compiled a fascinating and scientific study of patients who have suffered actual clinical death, and lived to tell of their journeys into a radian “other world

My Descent into Death- Howard Storm– Storm, an avowed atheist, was awaiting emergency surgery when he realized that he was at death’s door. Storm found himself out of his own body, looking down on the hospital room scene below. Next, rather than going “toward the light,” he found himself being torturously dragged to excruciating realms of darkness and death, where he was physically assaulted by monstrous beings of evil. His description of his pure terror and torture is unnerving in its utter originality and convincing detail. Finally, drawn away from death and transported to the realm of heaven, Storm met angelic beings as well as the God of Creation. In this fascinating account, Storm tells of his “life review,” his conversation with God, even answers to age-old questions such as why the Holocaust was allowed to take place. Storm was sent back to his body with a new knowledge of the purpose of life here on earth. This book is his message of hope.

Review – By stkevin “stkevin” (Minneapolis MN) My Descent into Death- Howard StormHoward Storm’s NDE is one of the most uplifting and persuasive NDEs that I have read. There is much there for the confirmed Christian and much for someone of any other faith. Parts of Howard’s experience fall right into accepted Christian doctrine and parts don’t. Those reviewers that “apply” Christian doctrine to reject Howard’s story simply miss the point.So do those who reject Christianity and therefore reject tstories such as Howard’s. The message is one of hope and love, not doctrine.

First, Howard Storm was not a “Christian” when he had his NDE. Instead, he was an avowed atheist who became a Christian after his NDE. Howard’s NDE begins when he dies and finds himself in an existence with countless other loveless/godless spirits who did nothing but attack and dismember him (and worse). In the depths of his despair, Howard the atheist remembered a song to Jesus from his childhood and began to sing it. Jesus rescued him. Howard learned the hard way that Jesus was his best friend. This I firmly believe for myself as well. Yet if Jesus can save an avowed atheist, and be “best friend” to such a person, then Jesus can also save anyone, including other atheists, Hindus, Catholics, Presbyterians, Moslems, etc. Second, when Howard asks one of the “Angels” with whom he visits “what is the best religion?” he’s told that it is “the one the brings you closer to God”. This is hardly Christian doctrine. In fact, those defenders of Orthodox Christian doctrine will find much to condemn in Howard Storm’s NDE.

Incidentally, I had to chuckle at the irrefutable logic of Jesus when he pointed out to Howard that there really were no atheists because it is impossible to believe in nothing.

One of the main messages set forth in Storm’s book about his NDE is that your life matters because of the way in which it affects others. This is a common thread in most NDEs, Christian and otherwise. As you affect others, so do you also affect yourself and God. If you choose to live without concern for others, you’ve chosen to live without concern for God as well. As it was pointed out to Howard during his NDE, the opposite of the love for God is not hatred of or anger at God, but indifference. The opposite of love for others is indifference as well. It is possible to “reject” God’s love by your actions, whether you are an atheist or a Christian.

Howard Storm’s book contains a great deal of hope, love, inspiration, as well as some warnings about how you live your life, its effects on others, and the effect your life will have on you in the afterlife. It is these warnings, coupled with Howard’s bedrock belief in Jesus as his Lord and Savior that some reviewers find disturbing. Many NDEs are non-threatening because they affirm that God is all loving and will love us no matter what we do. Most NDEs (at least the popular ones) assure us that we will all be saved and in heaven with God when we die (or at least reincarnated to try again) because God is all loving and all good. NDEs that reject this concept (and there are just enough to cause you to pause and think about it) are usually ignored.

I believe God’s love will save us all. Howard Storm’s NDE reaches the same conclusion, but warns us that God gave us free will and we are free to reject God’s love. Storm’s NDE points out that in the spirit realm of the afterlife, your spirit cannot lie to itself about whether it accepted or rejected God’s love in this life. You will judge yourself truthfully and accurately in the afterlife. And there are consequences. I highly recommend this book.

Howard Storm closes the book with this line: ” Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the best friend you will ever have.” Amen!


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  • doretta

    most of this planet is hurting and turmoiled. life in general is trying, to say the least. there is great comfort in faith, however, very difficult to have, in it’s true sense, in today’s world. the one thing that makes me/most doubt all of it is simple…we all lose those we love…..why is it, NOT ONE LOST LOVED person has ever come to the ones they left??? seriously..please reply

  • doretta

    if there is life after death, a “god”, a “higher power”, whatever…it should justify this hell here on earth.
    i know not one person, faith or none, who has ever had the peace/comfort in a loved one coming back to comfort them and turn them on to this suppsed afterlife.
    with all this power that this god has, why hasn’t he come around???
    is life a classroom where we should all get it right before we die or burn in hell

  • Brian

    I can only speak from the Bible which tells us that this world has rebelled against God but God so loved it that He sent His Son to die for every man woman and child so that they would be saved. John 3:16. Sin has separated us from God and “blinded” us to the reality of the spirit world. The measure of God’s love is the Cross. Jesus is recorded as saying that the greatest love that we can show is to lay down our lives for our friends. Well, He lay down His life for His enemies — you and me. God has “come around” and He is knocking on your door today. He loves you.

  • Chris

    Amen Brian

  • Gary2

    seeing is believing–unless I put my hand in his nail holes and put my arm in his wound then I will believe. If Thomas of doubting Thomas fame gets proof then so should I. Show me the money.

  • Marcia Lewis

    Doretta, I had an experience with a loved one who had died before birth. She was my grandaughter who died when she was only 4 months in the womb. She didn’t come in person but spoke to me one night. She told me about heaven and how happy she was to be there. She told me she wanted me to stop crying about her death, because she was so happy. When she had to leave; she ask me to do something for her…to tell her mommy that she was waiting for her. She told me she loved me. I didn’t cry for her after that and I know that she is not in my past but in my future. I hope this helps you. And know this…I love you. Marcia

  • Marcia Lewis

    Gary, I feel sorry for you because you are putting your fingers not in His holes but in your god which is money. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you…I guaratee you, He will and you will never be the same. I just hope it is before something very tragic happens to you. Some never get to do a re-do.