What Happens To The Aborted Babies In Heaven? A Little Girl's NDE Experience Of Heaven

Victoria, a 4 1/2 year old child fell off of a pool slide. As she fell, an angel lifted her into the air and gently set her on the ground. However, during this moment in eternity, she was taken to the throne room of God. She was sent back and tells about her experience from the perspective of a child.

During an accident by the pool, Mary Jo’s granddaughter, Victoria, saw heaven and then was supernaturally protected from being hurt.

She saw people in heaven and aborted babies and knew details of how some of the people in heaven had died. Victoria’s testimony is very  comforting for those who have lost a baby through miscarriage, or abortion.  The mother, Mary Jo asked her daughter if the children who are in heaven, hold it against their mothers who gave them up….and her daughter responded that the babies love their moms, and are taught forgiveness by Jesus.

After the first account, Victoria had many more accounts of seeing heaven and one time seeing hell. She also sees into the spirit realm, seeing angels and demons.  Her book reveals so much more

In the book, 6 Big Big Big Angels – 6 BIG! BIG! BIG! ANGELS caught her and took her to heaven and returned her safely. Her acounts of heaven are vivid and heart touching. She visited the throne room and sat on God’s lap. She played with tiny aborted babies and other small children who died violently. She visited with relatives who are now in heaven Victoria continues to visit heaven and has frequent encounters with angels. – Buy it on Amazon

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